Urban SkyLine Magazine is dedicated to photojournalism; creating a network of aspiring, innovative, and accomplished photojournalists is their true mission. With the help from its’ audience and the general public, Urban SkyLine Magazine hopes to create a web of citizen written articles, by online submission. Using a democratic system, anyone will be able to be featured in Urban SkyLine Magazine – including staff, students, and universal communities around the world. They believe that being involved, no matter the background or day job, is something that everyone can accomplish; Urban SkyLine hopes to fuel the creativity of students, hobbyists and professionals alike.

Urban Skyline Magazine Camera

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for reading my Midnight Train story. Actually it slipped from my grasp unexpectantly. I’m still putting together a simple websight and will begin posting in a month or so.
    Sugar Roads


  2. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for visiting my site & liking my post ‘Caught’, it’s very much appreciated. As a keen fan of everything urban I think your site’s great, let me know if you’d be interested in my contribution.

    Thanks again, Urban Shutterbug!


  3. Thx for visiting my site and liking my post “Light I”. I use only iPhone to shut my photoes, so I call myself “a mobile photographer”. I try to create the best possible picture in any given situation. Nice blog you have here. It would be interesting to know what kind of cam was used for these pics. Cheers! Sirin 🙋🏻


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