Looking Back at Berlin

By Haley Thorpe [view  more of Haley’s work here.]

When I studied abroad for four months in London, I held onto the notion that I would remember every second, every detail, every moment. But looking back to these memories is similar to glancing at reflections on the water. Some are crystal clear, untouched and exactly the same as the first time you saw it. Others are rippled, murky, fuzzy memories that carry the essence of what you experienced but a lot less detail.

Haley Thorpe - A Look Back at BerlinI took this photo in Berlin, Germany on a Fall Break trip during my experience abroad. I can’t tell you the exact locations we went to, the specific facts that I learned or the names of the people I met here and there. But I vividly and clearly remember how I felt during these excursions. Exhausted and excited, trying to soak in every moment and new sight. That desperate and anxious urge to capture every scene so that I could solidify these memories forever. The whirlwind of planning trips, magically arriving, experiencing everything, and then returning to London feeling dizzy and in awe that I actually went.

Photographs themselves are simply a reflection. They capture the concrete material of what we saw in one fleeting fraction of a second. But we as the viewer must remember what moment we were trying to save for later and reflect back on it.

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