Nature’s Mirror

1/80th F/11 ISO-100

1/80th F/11 ISO-100

It seems strange that mountains, so giant and sometimes even menacing with their jagged peaks, could inspire such peace and quiet. Driving on winding roads through the mountains of Bavaria, Germany, this is exactly what I encountered. I sat in the back of the car with my parents, who were visiting for a weekend, and as we turned a corner and saw the lake, I begged my father to pull over. The water an impossible blue-green, the rising slopes dotted with pine trees, and a perfect mirror image in the still surface of the lake. I could have stayed and just looked for hours or perhaps taken a thousand more photos trying to capture the reality, which always seems so much greater than the representation.  However, even 10 minutes can leave an impression that lasts a lifetime and I will always remember the wild, raw beauty of Bavaria.

By Emma Jenkins [To view more of Emma’s work click here.]

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