Porch Sitting

Dave Ryeder - Porch Sitting (2)I do not consider porch sitting to be a sign of laziness or procrastination. Sitting on my porch, kicked back in an old hand me down rocking chair, my feet resting on the railing, I feel contentment. My home surrounded by pine trees, open meadows, and ranch land. Looking across the valley to distant hills and listening to the wind as it blows between these two mountain ranges leaves very little to be desired.

During the night, I sit and listen contently as the owls talk to each other or listen to the high-pitched howls of the coyotes bounce around the night sky. Sometimes the lightning will flash and illuminate the hills with deep matte textures. Thunder rolls down the valley and echoes into the dark cloud enshrouded sky, only to be repeated, over and over again until stillness saturates the wet forest.

I also do not consider that porch sitting is only available for those who actually own porches. I have sat and witnessed these mystical sites from many other advantage points. Soft, desolate beaches while watching the foamy, white surf as it crashes on jagged granite. Or sitting on a mountain ridge, listening to a heavy rain as it beats a steady rhythm on a tent while I try to stay dry.  Even sitting in a city apartment, gazing out through the dirty haze of a window and watching as the wind sweeps the wet rain horizontally down the concrete sidewalks only to splash against an old brick building.

I do consider porch sitting to reign high on my list of essentials as it holds the essences of tranquility, of connectedness and numerous remembrances. It is a retreat from the mundane. A brief experience in the unadulterated complexities of existence, nature, and of God. A time to reflect, and to dream. I am not afraid that if given unlimited time to sit and watch and listen to this gift, that it may become routine. Something with such majesty can never become prosaic.

Dave Ryeder - Porch Sitting (1)I also do not consider porch sitting as just a solo undertaking. It is a place of sharing. A place to converse with family and friends.

I have many memories as a porch sitter. Many good, and some challenging, some that brought closeness and trust, and some that provided closure.

By Dave Ryeder [view more of Dave’s work here.]

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  1. Porch sitting offers vistas for the eyes and the soul. The Bible says “Be still and know that I am God.” It’s actually the only way to gain accurate perspective: see everyone and everything in light of God’s size and capabilities. There is NOTHING and NO ONE bigger, smarter, wiser, handier, more compassionate, funnier, richer, more creative than our GREAT God. Just sit a spell and chew on that. 🙂

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