Seaport and the Ferry

By Carlie Rice

Whenever I go from my school in NYC to my hometown on the Jersey Shore, I always take the ferry from Pier 11 at South Street Seaport. When I found out September’s theme for Urban Skyline would be transportation, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to tell you all about it. First of all, the ferry is by far my favorite mode of transportation. It’s $45 for a round trip, which may seem a little pricey, but it is definitely worth it. There is a bar on the first floor of the ferry where you can buy snacks, soft drinks, and beers. And on the second and third floor, you can sit outside. With a beer in my hand and watching the sun set behind the waves on the ocean, it is always the perfect way to spend an hour of traveling.  Plus there are so many incredible views to take in on the way- including Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and the NYC skyline.

Carlie Rice - Seaport and the FerryIf you want to try the ferry for yourself, I urge you to book a trip one day in early September. You can start at the South Street Seaport, browsing some stores and stopping at the food stands that line the cobblestone street. It’s a good idea to buy some food to bring with you for the day. From there you can take the ferry from Pier 11. Its also very helpful (and much easier) to bring $45 in cash and buy your ticket as you board the ferry. From here, you can go to Sandy Hook in New Jersey. Definitely sit outside and keep your eyes out towards the water. Last time my sister and I were on the ferry, she spotted a whale and I noticed some dolphins! The ferry will drop you off right next to the beach at Sandy Hook. Here, you can spend the entire day enjoying the nearly empty beach (all the northerners leave after Labor Day) and soaking in the last few days of the summer and the warm ocean before it gets too cold.

Of course the ferry does have its downsides. On very cold days in the middle of the winter, the water can get unusually choppy. If you’re prone to seasickness I would say definitely stay away from the ferry during the colder months and just stick to trains/buses. However, I find that it is incredibly relaxing and such a fun, easy way for me to travel home. I also think anyone would enjoy the ride and the day at the shore.  It would definitely be the perfect farewell to summer.

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