Climbing of the Falls: Bushkill Falls

by Jason Tompa

My Parents and I decided to meet my sister in Pennsylvania to go to Bushkill Falls. We decided to meet at 8:30 in the morning to beat the heat. It was supposed to be only an hour and twenty-minute drive. That works, until its 8:30 and we are over an hour away.

1/500th f/4.5 ISO-100 33mm

1/500th      f/4.5       ISO-100      33mm

Luckily for me we were the ones late and my sister was the one that had to wait for us. Bushkill Falls are a series of waterfalls, privately owned.

By time we got there it was about 9:40 and my sister was ready. So we went. Immediately, we go down steps and see our first waterfall. Maybe twenty to thirty feet? We walked across a bridge giving us an aerial view. My family and I spent two hours along a pre-made trail. We probably ran across eight good sized waterfalls. There was a strip of four large falls ending with the famous 100 foot cliff with water rushing over it. On the second waterfall, there was a little rainbow that could only be seen at the right height and the right area.

1/250th f/5.6 ISO-800 48mm

1/250th      f/5.6       ISO-800       48mm

My favorite was the second of the four falls because my sister and I hopped the railing and went closer crossing the river hopping from rock to rock. Beyond the waterfalls, I also got to see frogs, a salamander, and nature, often forgotten in the city.

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