Speicherstadt – Hamburg, Germany

by Radina Arsenova

It is almost New Year’s Eve and I am walking. Walking around the old town of Hamburg, Germany, breathing in the salty air from the canal nearby, my steps get slower as I pass the huge dark buildings.

I stop walking and look around, wondering. Where have all the people gone, why are we alone, the busses were so full, where is all the traffic?

1/250th f/10 ISO-400 21mm

1/250th f/10 ISO-400 21mm

It is silent in these streets. The buildings seem to protect us from the noise, from the stress, from the tourists. I am amazed how different they look from the rest of the city, so solid and kind of scary, somehow.

A seagull flies by and reminds me to go on, go back to the sunlight, the noise, the traffic… And I follow the mew – not without having left a piece of my heart in this silence.

[view more of Radina’s work here.]

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