Urban Chaos

By Nicole Alfaro

Presidential Decree No. 824 declares that the province of Manila as the center of the political power and the seat of the Government of the Philippines signed on November 7, 1975 under Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

I/200th f/5.6 ISO-100

I/200th     f/5.6     ISO-100

Manila city is known as one of the biggest and busiest cities in the country (Source: bananatravels.com). Since, 16th century the city served as a commercial center of many centuries before the arrival of Spaniards. This year, Manila celebrated its 444th foundation day anniversary as a commemoration of Manila being the capital of the Philippines.

1/200th f/5.6 ISO-100

1/200th     f/5.6     ISO-100

On the other hand, this city is far beyond from what you are expecting. Manila is continuously growing but apparently the projects that are left stagnant do not reflect the connotation as the nation’s capital.

Nowadays, urban planning aims to develop Manila; it also guides and ensures the progress of settlements and communities. Thus, it becomes one of the biggest problems that the city is currently facing. According to Mr. Paulo G. Alcarazen, the founder and principal designer of Paulo G. Alcarazen and Associates (PGAA) Creative Design, Metro Manila is experiencing urban chaos and has reached a sustainability crisis due to lack of implementation of urban master plans.  Alcarazen says that it has already been more than a hundred of years and Metro Manila still does not have a holistic, metro-wide urban plan in effect.

1/160th ISO-200 f/5.6

1/160th      ISO-200     f/5.6

1/400th f/5 ISO-100

1/400th      f/5      ISO-100

Until now the construction of the roads, pipe ways and other infrastructures are still on-going even though the contract has ended, that is why these projects are becoming a hindrance to the daily lives and transportation of our fellow Manileños.

1/400th     f/5.6     ISO-100

1/400th f/5.6 ISO-100

In a situation like this, people must be knowledgeable enough to ponder upon the current issue of Manila regarding urban planning, in such that it can trigger the authorities to make an action to create a project that can be beneficial for the future.

[view more of Nicole’s work here.]

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