We Love Going for Random Drives

Photography by Jason Tompa

Photography by Jason Tompa

We love going for random drives. Not those pre-planned, mapped out drives, the get in the car start driving north usually for the beauty of it all, make a few random turns and see where we end up drives. Sometimes we like to pick a spot to pull over and park, so we can take a walk and enjoy the slowed down look at the scenic views. The need to be outdoors, away from the noise and congestion, the need to appease our visual sense and be surrounded by nature that need ties us to nature. We camp, build treehouses, go hiking, and consider these activities to be leisure, at times a luxury, but it’s a need for that feeling of positivity and clarity, a need for that calm feeling to wash over you, a human need for balance. When our senses and minds aren’t clouded by the glitz and growing modernization of our world, we get a glimpse into a window, we get to look into a part of ourselves that gets quieted in a busy world.

Writing by Mandeep Brar [view more of Mandeep’s work here.]

Photograph by Jason Tompa

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