School Club Meetings

by Jason Tompa

I spent part of my summer preparing for a Best Practices competition for a school club, Beta Alpha Psi. Just what every college student wants to do over their summer, right? At least I got a few days off of my summer internship to travel and present in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in front of a panel, a hundred other students, faculty, and practicing partners.

IMG_9599Leading up to the event, I would wake up and practice my script as I get ready for work. Go to work. Practice during my lunch hour. Finish my work day. Go home and meet with my team in order to discuss certain matters and practice our presentation. We landed in Wisconsin at around 2pm on Wednesday where a limo was waiting for us. Went to the hotel just in time to check in for the events on Thursday and then go practice.

1/400th F/4.5 ISO-400

1/400th F/4.5 ISO-400

Thursday we woke up and went to the venue for breakfast.Afterwards we got to spend the day doing community service at a local elementary school. It was great to see the smiles on the kids’ faces. We were able to give a book to all of the students at the schools, among other things. What was surprising to me was for some of them, this was their first book, in second, third, even fourth grade. Unfortunately, I have no photos to show of the event, but I do have one of my friend exiting the bus before we started. Afterwards, we practiced more and went to bed.

1/30th F/4.5 ISO-3200

1/30th      F/4.5      ISO-3200

1/30th F/3.5 ISO-100

1/30th F/3.5 ISO-100

The following morning we woke up and presented. Just like that. All of the time we practiced and planned for this. It was over after ten minutes. Luckily we got to sneak in a Wisconsin Brewers ball game that had fireworks inside the stadium and some cheese curds!

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