The Magic Fountains of Barcelona

by Radina Arsenova

It is a warm evening in the Spanish metropolis. The subway is full of people of different origin, the air is humid, the sky is slowly turning black. We walk up the stairs to the magnificent summer residence of the Spanish king. Small fountains lead the way up to a large pool of water surrounded by lots and lots of people.

1/25th F/4.5 ISO 3200

1/25th     F/4.5      ISO-3200

The music starts and with it people start cheering, cameras start clicking, ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ follow.

We listen. We watch. We are hypnotized by the water making figures in the air, then falling down with a splash.

I feel a few drops on my face. They cannot be from the fountains, it is too far away from us and I look up at the sky. A few more drops. Then some more, more frequently. It starts raining and we watch the water in front of us while trying to hide our heads from the water above us. Just some moments later it is raining cats and dogs. Little rivers run down the streets and fewer people remain watching. We decide to walk away and hide under a pavilion. The rain becomes even worse. The fountains are still playing their show, illuminating the garden, but nobody is interested in watching it anymore. We stand under the pavilion, looking at the fusion of rain and fountains, waiting. Waiting for it to stop.

[view more of Radina’s work here.]

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