Barri Gotic

1/100th F/5 ISO-400

1/100th     F/5       ISO-400

It is in the midst of August, the air is hot and humid and every square centimeter of my skin feels sticky. I’m tired of walking around in the sun, along with all the other tourists on the busy avenues and near sights that have already been photographed a billion times today.

I chose to go off the main track, search for some cooler place to go, somewhere beautiful, yet unseen.

I decide to go east, just to get away from the stress, and suddenly my attention increases by what I see. Just a few steps away from the center, there is Barri Gòtic, the Gothic district of Barcelona. It feels like a whole new world, with streets so narrow, you almost think the tops of the buildings lean towards each other, with a light breeze blowing through the shadowy paths and the plants and cloths hanging from tiny balconies.  I pass plenty of small shops, tapas bars and restaurants on the ground floor, but my attention remains attached to the various windows and galleries and I wonder why there is no person to be seen.

By Radina Arsenova (view more of Radina’s work here).

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