Shopping: A Pastime or a Pleasure

1/160th F/4.2 ISO-320

1/160th F/4.2 ISO-320

Shopping has been most people’s favorite past time for some time now. I imagine with this quality of leisure, people are nowadays more inclined to go walk round those ever attractive shops with their close ones. So many times I notice exuberant smiles on their vigorous faces walking as if time has slowed down. Sometimes one can easily hear the sparkling shouts of the young kids running around or the cheerful and lively sounds of the teenagers chattering about their latest TV shows and movies.

The elder ones on the other side seem more interested in getting done with the task at hand. No doubt are they tempted by those silky and luxurious wear to impress their circle. Nonetheless, this moment of relaxation and freedom persuade them to take all their time to savor this mindful experience.

1/160th F/2.8 ISO-320

1/160th F/2.8 ISO-320

Observing all this magnificent atmosphere makes me ponder about the great quote I once heard from the amazing movie The Peaceful Warrior stating that “There is never nothing going on. There are no ordinary moments”.

By Abdallah Yashir [view more of Abdallah’s work here.]

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