Clyde’s Camel

1/640th     F/8     ISO 1250

1/640th     F/8     ISO 1250

All I need now is a tent!  It’s Clyde the Camel (my name for him) at the Miami Zoo.  This guy had the disposition of a photogenic pet!  All he wanted was pictures, pictures, and more pictures!  He would pose and then turn, pose again, and then come closer and pose some more.  It looked like he was having way too much fun.  We all know how it is trying to capture some animals, especially at zoos.  They are usually hiding behind something or deep inside their lair only to leave droves of people standing by the arrowed sign with consternation on their face…not this guy.  If you could have given him sunglasses and a mustache he likely would have begun auditioning for a part.  I know the nose is a bit close, but that is what makes this picture unique.  It reminded me of the proverbial “camel’s nose beneath the tent”.

By Anthony O’Brian (view more of Anthony’s work here).

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