Contribute Summertime Activities

Hello everyone,

I guess I will start with telling you what my mission is first. I am starting the blog/magazine as a way to create a network of photojournalists. I am using the blog to actively post and keep things up-to-date, while I am using the online magazine to try and create more of a result that people can be posting towards. While the blog doesn’t have a real theme (urban living) the magazine issues tend to have a monthly theme. Most importantly I want work to be contributed by photographers all around the world, including me which would create this network.

1/250th     F/10     ISO-100

1/250th F/10 ISO-100

I am trying to get people to take photographs and do -short- write ups about them. Your writing does not have to be amazing, mine sure isn’t either. I just started this and learned that real long articles are harder to use for every post so I am looking for more one to two paragraphs about the picture, why you took it and what it means, or if you were thinking anything at the moment when you took it. Or maybe even a background story. Of course you can write as much as you want and as often as you want. I also ask for where the picture is taken, the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO since this is mostly about photography (I can get this from the photograph though). I can link all of your work back to your blog site as well. Is this something you are still interested in?

What you would do is send me the photograph as an attachment in the e-mail and then the text can be in the e-mail or attached in a word document.

The magazine is released on the 15th of the month and like I was saying each month has a common theme. June’s was hangout locations, while July was People/Animals. August is summertime activities. September is construction/transportation. I will ONLY use your photograph and writing for the blog post and the online magazine. You will retain all rights and everything.

Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts! This is new to me too. So far I have been doing most of the contributing with a few friends, but in the end, I want to get a network of photographers (Around the world) posting work.

We just wanted to say this is the last few days to submit work for August’s theme “Summertime Activities.” If you want to contribute work, please send photographs as a jpeg and writings as a word document to

Have a nice day!
Urban SkyLine Management

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