Lover’s Knot

1/200th     F/4.5     ISO-160

1/200th     F/4.5     ISO-160

Elephants are beautiful, majestic creatures that never cease to inspire awe and watching them doesn’t grow old.  It was date night at the Miami Zoo and these two life-long companions were either ‘kissing’ or holding trunks.  They were truly active as it was close to mating season.  It was spelling binding to watch them interact and caress with their trunk; you could almost hear them whisper sweet nothings.  Their gentle and sweet interaction drew quite a crowd and I took over 50 pictures just of them.  It is so hard to have a favorite among good pictures with such good subjects, thus I ended up with about 15 ‘favorites’.

There seems to be a story told here in this shot.  The wrinkles, the fixed, resting gaze, the long eyelashes, a little mud splashed on her…it’s wide open for interpretation as you

1/500th F/8 ISO-2000

1/500th     F/8     ISO-2000

try to read her mind.  It was actually close to mating season and she and her mate were very playful tussling and ‘kissing’ to make such a rich photographic scene.  Here she is resting for a few minutes, yet continues to stare at her handsome mate.  It was wonderful experience to see the elephants so active at the Miami Zoo.

By Anthony O’Brian (view more of Anthony’s work here).

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