Try Something New

1/30th F/5.6 ISO-200

1/30th F/5.6 ISO-200

Being rather shy and having bad anxiety, doing new things isn’t always easy. I always try to push through and that is exactly what I tried to do. One day after work we went to take outdoor portraits.

From Bryant Park to Columbus Circle, to even a little bit in Central Park. Of course, with anxiety I thought I would be nervous and I was. Even though I didn’t tell her that I was when she asked, I simply just said I was shy. It didn’t seem to be going bad until we decided to do some further away shots. It was a photographer’s nightmare.

1/30th F/5.6 ISO-1600

1/30th F/5.6 ISO-1600

I started panicking. I didn’t have my telephoto zoom lens. Where was it? How could I forget it? I packed my bag twice! Later, arriving home I would find it sitting on my dresser. Lesson learned the hard way [Pack your back twice and check it twice too].  From other stories I heard it could gone a lot worse on my lens. Share all your photography nightmares and fairytales with us at [don’t forget to include your shots].

Needless to say it’s good to try new things. Don’t be afraid to do something different to get your shot. I think we got the shot, would you agree?

1/15th F/5.6 ISO-200

1/15th F/5.6 ISO-200

By Jason Tompa

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