The Making of a Painting

1/40th     f/5     ISO-400

1/40th     f/5     ISO-400

I decided to recreate one of my favorite paintings, The Girl with the Pearl Earrings by Johannes Vermeer. Many people do not know what painting I am talking about, but one of my favorite moments is watching them realize what I am talking about as soon as I show them my recreation.

This was probably my first photo shoot of a person I didn’t know all that well and it was a blast. We spent an hour getting her ready to look the part with the earring and the head peace [I was in a college dorm room and was not prepared with supplies]. We also got to goof around and it was a great way for me to become good friends with the model who is now one of my best friends today, and gave me an outlet to pursue my passion in photography.

By Jason Tompa

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