Tokyo: Modern and Spiritual

1/200th     F/5.6     ISO-200

1/200th      F/5.6      ISO-200

During my photographic journeys, I have never encountered the subject of religion before but when I visited the metropolitan center Tokyo/Yokohama in 2013 I surprisingly
encountered modernity and practiced Buddhism and Shintoism at the same time. Tokyo/Yokohama is the largest urban area in the world with 35 million inhabitants. It fascinated me, that in Tokyo, a city with enormous economic strength and lush western standard of living, that the spirituality of its people in everyday life played a significant role.

This photograph of my series shows an everyday temple scene in the Asakusa neighborhood near the “Sensō-ji”, a Buddhist temple. The photograph shows a Japanese lady, who stands near a round copper bowl which is filled with incense sticks. Faithful Japanese Buddhists fan themselves with the incense smoke to
“clean” themselves before entering the temple – a tradition dedicated to the Buddhist deity Canon.

© Franziska Sordon
Photograph from the series “Tokyo: Modern and Spiritual”

For more pictures of the series “Tokyo: Modern and Spiritual”, please visit

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