Crowd Surfing

1/32nd      f/5.6     ISO-3200

1/32nd      f/5.6     ISO-3200

Baby’s All Right may be one of the last Williamsburg DIY (“Do it Yourself”) venues among the several amazing venues that were recently shut down by corporate giants. I prefer to shoot in venues that are locally owned because I don’t need a photo pass. I don’t have to get out of the pit after the first three songs. There isn’t even a pit! You’re able to watch shows just like all of the other concertgoers and shoot simultaneously, which is all I can ask in being a concert photographer.

This photo is from one of my favorite shoots for the craziest live band I’ve ever seen: Fat White Family. I’ve shot them numerous times at several venues, this being the only venue I had complete freedom with my camera. I could only get this type of shot at this kind of venue because typically an artist will not crowd surf until towards the end of a performance, and most venues would not allow cameras after the first three songs. I believe it summarizes what the venue is about and the DIY scene in general: no boundaries. The singer was topless, disgustingly sweaty, drenched in beer, yet he jumped into a crowd of open arms waiting to catch him.

By Courtney Schenck

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