Alcohol and Mario? Mama Mia! Sounds like a dream come true.

Alcohol and Mario?  Mama Mia! Sounds like a dream come true.Part of you wants to stay at home and see if you can beat your friend, twelve beers in, on Rainbow Road while the other part of you thinks you guys should go out for a night on the town, like proper adults, without all the drunk *virtual* driving. Sometimes it’s hard to choose, especially for someone in his or her early twenties, between a night of functional adulthood (drunken debauchery) and a night of MarioKart (also drunken debauchery). So, how do you find zen?

The answer is simple, yet still not dictionary defined: barcades.

Located on W29th St. between 6th and 7th Ave., is Pioneers. Here, finding refuge from the real world is as easy as slipping your quarters into that Walking Dead Pinball machine (or the Tron one, or Star Trek, or even Jack Bot). And if pinball isn’t your cup of tea, you definitely will find something that is.

From a giant game of Jenga to challenging your friends in a round of Super Smash Bros. – there’s no better pick up spot to lift those adulthood woes like Pioneers.

And did I even mention the most important part? That being the rotating list of 20 different craft beers… i.e. heaven on tap.

Though, it can get crowded on a Friday night, and it might even make your ears bleed when people try at karaoke on a Tuesday night, one thing is for certain: Pioneers is a bar that was designed for the kid inside the body of every adult out there. So whether you’re trying to organize a casual hangout with the few people from high school (that you can still stand), or looking to show off your crazy Smash skills to that cutie you’ve been trying to impress, this place is definitely one that gets two thumbs up.

By Melissa Persaud

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