Fast Food Hangout

1/100th    f/5.4    ISO-80

1/100th f/5.4 ISO-80

When traveling out of the country, I never know what to eat. I don’t travel often, however, while traveling in Gӧttingen, Germany for a student exchange program I wanted to truly experience the culture. I asked locals where there favorite place to hang out and eat was in order to achieve this. About a quarter of a mile away from their local high-school, they took me to Dӧner King, a place I never would have taken a second glance at.

A dӧner kebab is a Turkish meal, much like a gyro or shawarma. With your choice of meat [chicken, lamb, or beef], a type of salad and sauce all placed onto pita bread. Even though this is considered fast food, many people hang out at the small restaurant as they eat or even people watch.

Gӧttingen is small university town in central Germany with a little over one hundred thousand people. In the town there are many well-known landmarks, but what I wanted to capture was outside the town hall. A place unknown to the tourist. I found this at Dӧner King.

By Jason Tompa

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