Communiversity: A Princeton Tradition

1/400th    f/10    ISO-200

1/400th f/10 ISO-200

Growing up in central New Jersey meant spending a large chunk of my childhood in Princeton: walking down Nassau Street, playing in the fountain, going to sports camps, flying kites in the battlefield, carving my name into the table at PJ’s Pancake House, etc. I loved doing all of these different activities, but my favorite event always came on a Saturday in April. It was Communiversity, where Princeton University and the Princeton community come together to celebrate all things Princeton. Starting in the spring of 1970, Princeton students teamed up with the Arts Council of Princeton as “The Art People’s Party” and was hosted on the lawn of Nassau Hall. Now, the event attracts over 35,000 people and takes over Nassau Street and other side streets. This photo was taken looking down Witherspoon Street. I wanted to capture the beauty of Princeton in the spring, as well as the members of the community participating in this event. You can see vendors and crowds of people coming together and lining the streets on a gorgeous spring day. Ever since I got my first camera back in middle school I have been photographing different areas and events of Princeton and still love spending my time in this unique little city that is rich with culture and history. Communiversity has always been one of my favorite events to attend and photograph because I love watching it grow larger each year, and I love being a part of a community that is so passionate about Princeton and New Jersey as a whole.

By Megan Case

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