Clearwater Beach Tourism

1/30th    f/5.6    ISO-200

1/30th f/5.6 ISO-200

For me, one of the best parts of family vacation is going back to the places I remember, with the people I remember. It is always enjoyable when you can go on vacation at the same time every year and find the same families returning. It makes a destination feel like a second home.

Clearwater Beach, Florida used to be a small vacation town made up of mostly locals and small mom and pop motels that would rebook the same families every year. Recently this has started to change, as most of the family owned motels were sold to large investors, who had the idea to create large hotels and bring in travelers from all over the world.

Behind this newly constructed Pier House 60 hotel, a recently sold two story motel sits in the shadows waiting to become a new high-story motel to compete. Pier House 60 is not the first or last newly built hotel in the area taking away views from the small motels; this beach has been quickly capitalizing from a small tourism population to a much larger one, including international travelers trying to sneak in some vacation time.

By Jason Tompa

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